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love this tigerlily shot, in VOGUE

love this tigerlily shot, in VOGUE

how it all began

Unique textiles, the fusion of fashion and classic themes, the continuous quest for the perfect bikini; these are the elements that have established Tigerlily as a leader in premium swimwear and fashion.

Tigerlily was founded by Australian Jodhi Meares in the year 2000. Jodhi created a brand that represents beauty and strength, individuality and confidence. A brand that is exotic and sexy but grounded.

The brand’s eternal search for unique fabrics and prints has taken us on adventures across the globe. We see the world in bikini coloured glasses, a piece of Gaudi architecture, or an 18th century armchair, even Picasso and Monet aren’t safe — all things translate to the bikini.the-story


Loving their fall look book !!!Tim Kaeding ~ “For Mother Fall 2013, the inspiration was found from the excessive and polished drama of the Baroque. Gem tones and mixed metals embellish the collection and end with graphic monochromatic textures. It was really a mixture of over-the-top opulence clashing with a bit of 90’s grunge. Adornment exploding, imploding, and juxtaposing with just a touch of irony.”ImageImageImageImageImageImage


The first collection of Mes Desmoiselles Paris hatched in the workshop of the 45, rue Charlot in 2006.

Anita Radovanovic, the creator with her soft and mischievous eyes, is the soul of the fashion house. Through her inspirations, she invites us to travel in dreamy horizons where the nostalgic style and charm of the laces flirt with the antique volumes under parasols of silks and cottons as the oversize jersey reheats the blurred outlines.


Mesdemoiselles… Paris, invites to the dance and grace of the movement, slips and flying whirl for the pleasure of men and women who are moved by the beauty and the love shinning in every creation.

An exquisite dream that awakes our senses where the delicate printed fabrics twirl on the chiffons as the light shimmers on the embroideries and remind the silk road of India.

Enveloped in a cocoon of softness, slip yourself in her tunic of cotton gauze or silk dress as a nomad cross the town to find the sea…